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Body Healing / Emotional Release Therapies

Onye Onyemaechi

Onye Onyemaechi is a gifted African Healer and visioner with over 20 years experience. He  has assisted clients  in personal growth and transformation internationally. His results have been successful in the relief of physical, spiritual  and emotional trauma releases, especially of neck, shoulder and back pain.

Expiriance a personalized blend of ancient and modern techniques to
 promote pain relief, stress reduction, relaxation and release of grief.  Onye uses intuition and his unique healing abilities to remove physical and emotional blocks through his mastery of established therapies. As a Intuitive Healer he can give insight to the source points of mental, emotional and physical illness.

Onye accepts referrals from Clients, Physicians, Health Professionals and  Therapists.

One-hour sessions are available with pre-payment of $250 by check, PayPal or MoneyGram.

Discounts are available on pre-payment of multiple, scheduled sessions.
Contact Onye for scheduling and information at 707- 528-4458

For more information on Onye’s healing practice, see

If you wish to have healing and intuitive services:

  1. Call Onye at 707-528-4458 to see if he feels he can help you.
  2. Schedule session or service (in person, by phone, or email).
  3. Return to this web page and pay the agreed-upon fee via the PayPal button, using your PayPal account or credit/debit card. If the exact fee does not appear in the pop-up list, you can “keep shopping” and return to our web page to add incremental purchases to make the total. For instance, you can make two $100 purchases and a $50 purchase to make a total of $250 fee.
  4. Connect with Onye at the agreed-upon time.

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