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Onye's school and camp programs for children have earned him a McDonald's Foundation Recognition Award for Children's Programs. He creates a safe and sensitive environment using drumming, percussion, dance, masks, costumes and traditional storytelling to build self-confidence, support strong value systems, and improve physical grace and motor skills. Students, teachers and staff all join in the activities. Onye encourages participation, spontaneity and creativity in an atmosphere of fun and acceptance. Teacher study guides can be provided in advance.

Onye also offers an Arts-in-Education program of classroom visits which follow a large assembly. He brings his cultural experience into the academic environment and inspires the children with the great potential of learning. Workshops can be tailored for developmentally challenged, visually and /or hearing impaired students. Onye's work with children has been featured on NBC and regional school cultural programs since 1984.

Many organizations fund these events via PTA, grants, community sponsors, libraries and budgets for diversity and African-American History Month.

Interactive School Assemblies K-8

African Village Celebration
Program Type: Performance
Grades: K-8

Description: Born in west Africa, Onye Onyemaechi MBA, brings the traditional wisdom and spirit of Africa to modern American/European life. He is world-renowned master percussionist, performing  musician, teaching artist, author and speaker, who engages students and teachers in a participatory experience of African Village Celebration.

He uses captivating music, African drumming, dancing, songs and wisdom stories, including native garb and instruments presented in a historical / cultural context. Onye incorporates the importance of education, character traits such as respect, tolerance, perseverance, responsibility and team corporation. All are encouraged to value and integrate their own heritage into their learning and living experiences.
He is author of the book “The Drum:Voice of the Village” published by Millichap Books.

Onye’s goal is to bring the joy and spirit of African music, important social learning concepts and the celebration of diversity to pupils worldwide.

Onye will visit your classroom after the assembly, if requested. Thirty students maximum.

Onye’s philosophy emphasizes sound values, respect for others, and the “celebration of life.” Onye’s assembly positively affected more students and faulty than any other performer we have had here. J. Ross Thayer, Dir. of Student Activities, R. L. Stevenson, Pebble Beach, California.

African Drums and Rhythms– New!
Program Type: Performance
Grade: 4-8

Description: This assembly brings the joy and soul of African culture, music and village life of Nigeria, West Africa. Onye will introduce the important learning concepts of African musical instruments, rhythms, and historical context of traditional society. Drum performance, demonstrations and explanations, questions/answers. Together, let’s celebrate diversity through the drums and rhythms of life.

Each Performance:
Requires: 45 - 60 min. and Multipurpose room,
Capacity 250 Students


Growing Up in the Village
Program Type: Performance
Grades: K-8

Description: Using music and stories, questions and answers, Growing Up in the Village communicates sound values and can inspire, awaken, and educate us that the world can be a safer, healthier and better place to coexist cross-culturally. Onye shares the wisdom of love, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, reconciliation, transformation and peace-making. Themes can include learning self-discipline, respecting elders, communing with nature, listening to your conscience and getting along with others.

Each Performance:
Requires: 45-60 min. and Multipurpose Room, Capacity 250 Students

"We look forward to you returning to our school in the future for sure. Here is some of what I told them about you. We were very impressed, best show we have gotten from Lov so far. Our school loved you. Your show was Great. Very entertaining and high energy. Everyone loved it. The kids were still humming, chanting and clapping at the end of the school day. Teachers, staff and parents that were there enjoyed it too. It was awesome! We look forward to your return next year Onye!"
Sincerely, Gina Shelley and the Blacow Bobcats

Short Introduction

Onye Onyemaechi is a world-renowned master percussionist, performing  musician, teaching artist, author and speaker. Born in west Africa, he earned a B.A. in fine arts from College of the Holy Cross and an Masters of Business Administration in International Business from Boston College.

His programs for children have earned him a Ronald McDonald Foundation Recognition Award and he has been featured on NBC and the Wisdom Channel. He is the author of the book “The Drum: Voice of the Village.” He has been a member of the Massachusetts Performing Arts Student Series, Young Audiences of San Jose, Young Imagination, ArtsBank Education programs, Santa Cruz Arts Council Spectra program, the League of Volunteers and library summer programs. His programs emphasize the importance of modeling positive attitudes, promoting learning, respect for self and others, building unity in communities and enhancing cultural diversity awareness. Together We Celebrate Life!

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Many organizations fund these events via PTA, grants, community sponsors, libraries and budgets for diversity and African-American History Month. Foundations: Sebastopol Center for the Arts (501.3.c) can act as fiscal agent for grants to Village Rhythms.

Contact Onye to bring his motivational assembly to your school: 707-528-4458.

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